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    Boicot a Coca Cola

    El sƔbado me unƭ a una protesta con un grupo de mujeres fuertes y luchadoras llamadas #espartanas. Ellas sobre el trabajo, piden que: la fabrica Coca Cola por orden [...]
  • Mugla in Turkey

             Muğla is a village located on the junction of the Aegean and Mediterranean regions on the southwest of the Republic of Turkey.   [...]
  • ESA Launch šŸš€Sentinel 2B

    JOIN US FOR #SENTINEL2GO LAUNCH In Europe, it will be the place to be for the Sentinel-2B event, and invitees will get an exclusive insider’s look at the launch, at the [...]
  • Farolas Historicas

     Farolas histĆ³ricas Este proyecto estĆ” basado en mostrar a los viandantes (ciudadanos, turistas y todo aquel que pasee por Madrid) el significado y la historia de sus [...]
  • ALDE PARTY In Warsaw

    The #ALDEcongress in Warsaw is officially over. More than 800 delegates listened to speeches by distinguished Liberal leaders such as Hans van Baalen MEP, Cecilia Malmstrƶm, [...]
  • Infinite Dimensions

    The company Infinite Dimensions is responsible for the advancement of the new GPS system, called M-code, and the design of next generation navigation systems called Resilient [...]
  • Do You Know What ESA Is ?

     The European Space Agency (ESA) is the gate and the base of Europe for space and the universe. Its mission is to enable the development of technology and spatial [...]
  • Brava gente brasileira.

    POVO Brasileiro, hoje eu vou dizer, nunca senti tanto orgulho de alguem como sinto hoje de voces BRASILEIROS, voces estao lutando por um paĆ­s mais justo e melhor. Nao se [...]
Special Feature

The icon New York yellow cab

by Style of life in WORLD

   The taxicabs of New York City are widely recognized icons of the city, come in two varieties: yellow and green. Taxis painted canary yellow (medallion taxis) are [...]








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