ESA Launch 🚀Sentinel 2B


In Europe, it will be the place to be for the Sentinel-2B event, and invitees will get an exclusive insider’s look at the launch, at the incredible science, engineering, applications and businesses behind Copernicus, Europe’s most ambitious Earth observation programme ever, and meet the experts who are making it happen. 

sure what Copernicus is? Or how ESA is playing a key role in flying the Sentinel missions? Click here to learn more!


Being cool with the Director of the #EuropeanSpaceOperationsCenter #RolfDensing , minutes before the #ESALaunch 2:30 am 🚀✨ @europeanspaceagency @esa_earth @youresa #darmstadt 🇩🇪 🇪🇸🇧🇷✌🏻️

Hi my name is Angelica Ferrer, I’m a CEO for a technology company in the USA specializing in virtual reality, artificial Intelligence, and robotics with emphasis in #MiltaryDefense. I am Brazilian and Spanish, and I live between New York and Madrid right now. Thanks for having me here. #ESALaunch #Esacontrolcentre #sentinel2go

Twitter, follow @Social4Space, @esa_EO and @esaoperations, and visit the SocialSpace blog for the latest news. We will use these channels to post updates about the event.

The official hashtag for the mission is #Sentinel2, and for the SocialSpace event is #Sentinel2Go.

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