Infinite Dimensions

The company Infinite Dimensions is responsible for the advancement of the new GPS system, called M-code, and the design of next generation navigation systems called Resilient Embedded GPS/Inertial Navigation Systems that use different inputs like Galileo, celestial cameras, LIDAR so that the guidance systems operate even if the GPS is jammed or not operating. All USA military airplanes, missiles, drones, and spacecraft will use this technology and ideas. Congratulations to the smart team. #Galileo #ESA #INFINITEDIMENSIONS #SOSSEC #Timeismoney #TECHNOLOGY #EuropeUnion and USA #EU #MilitaryDefenseSystem #USAgovernment #GPSsystem 🇺🇸🇪🇺🏆Our project will use Galileo, the Russian GLONASS, the Chinese BeiDou, and the USA’s GPS.

Draft R-EGI Press Release. The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) in conjugation with the Secretary of the Air Force is pleased to announce an Other Transaction Authority (OTA) contract award to the System of Systems Consortium (SOSSEC) and Project Level Agreement (PLA) performer Infinite Dimensions Integration, Inc. (IDI) for the Resilient Embedded GPS/Internal Navigation System Prototype Pilot (R-EGI). The R-EGI project serves an exemplar not only for demonstrating the strategic change in avionics systems development using the Future Airborne Combat Environment (FACE) open systems architecture, but also as an acquisition process experiment employing a community-based “Plug Fest/Plug Test” approach to rapidly explore the design space surrounding navigation systems architecture and form factor. The goal is to inform the acquisition effort that will procure M-Code GPS capable navigation systems that can accommodate alternative sources of Precision Navigation and Timing (PNT) data.As stated, the project implements a community-based Plug Fest/Plug Test approach that has three teams “competing”, and using a DARPA developed EGI development and test tool that has a FACE compliant module enabling the teams to write “apps”. These new navigation avionics apps specify a FACE compliant data model, EGI apps, and alternative navigation (alt-nav) apps which implement different sensors and their interfaces (e.g. celestial camera, LIDAR, visual, Link-16, etc.). The result is that a new EGI, with various alt-nav capabilities, is now a data model and a collection of apps instead of a difficult-to-change, purpose specific physical device/system.

Thus, this project will demonstrate a strategic transformation of both the acquisition process and a new approach to avionics system development that is agile, lowers the barrier to participation by the best and brightest minds that frequently that work for small and non-traditional companies, simplifies accreditation (both cyberspace and airworthiness), reduces the timelines and resources required to build avionics systems and their components. #InfiniteDimensions #A&J #NY #GPSsystems #Tecnhology #MilitaryDefense  

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