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The world is divided between those who can pay and those who have to endure the injustices committed by the money and power of a few.
There are different types of intelligences, which are classified according to Howard Gardner with the ability of each, and usually people think that all people who have money and are rich are automatically smart, and that’s not true.

The ability to make money does not exactly mean that you are able to speak of evolution or explain the rule of three, or know anything about mathematics or biology. The same applies if you are a designer of shoes or clothes, it does not mean that you are prepared to talk about philosophy or history.

It is this thinking that leads people to have a misconception of people who for many reasons made and make money.

Politicians around the world benefit from a kind of intelligence that is not exactly acquired by an education but the power to express yourself. The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle said that to govern a polis (city-state), a politician should be rich and educated. By being rich you would be not be unethical and would not need to steal, and by having an education you would be more civilized and think more about the welfare of society, not yourself.

These ideas have been around a long time and brings focus on the fact that the political way today is just the opposite. Politicians use their immunity to not to answer for the crimes committed, use the ability to make policy to benefit financially, and many simply do not care to talk because they feel above anyone. 

People want to be political now not to work for the country or for a better world, and today politics means war and power. What is wrong with wanting to have a country and a better world? But it is not because of this question that I do not need to be sacrificed for my country so that it is the best in the world today, and that we are experiencing peace because of the quantity of nuclear bombs in the world.

We fight and defend what today is already ours, yet there are still countries by force of arms and uncivilized ideas that keep making wars, invade the poorest countries, create instabilities, and create terrorists are that born and grow up as people with ideas for revenge since they lost their country because someone invaded, killed, and stole — as you would if you were born in any of these countries.

Terrorist is a word of the 21st century, and is actually created by us, by our politicians who are in politics for their own interests, and the policy around the world is almost always the same. Some countries in Europe and small are more advanced and civilized with respect to political ideas. The more uncouth and uneducated people, the more the politics are corrupt and politicians arrogant.

Its policy and my policy is not working, but our generation today is lucky enough to know the world of through the Internet where information is not manipulated by television. I do not know a country where television is intended to educate, inform and prepare the citizen for life. Television is like politics and the world we are living, where money is the only rule and you must obey and accept this, even if unconsciously.

We, the citizens of the world, are in the same boat. Look around and start thinking about why we endure all this? They will say it is because of other countries, they always blame others, and not their corrupt politics and individualistic ways. They say they will become great again, but do not have enough information and skills, and not understand how to operate the new globally competitive economy. We must all have the opportunity to be competitors, to create and sell, and you may not want to stop the other with a gun or a missile.

The politicians should consider a new base economy for the current times in which we are living, and this idea is not with weapons or any kind of violence. Do you know my cat is different than us humans? And the ability to speak was developed over thousands of years and because of this evolution of information sharing thing my cat can not do yet, it made us evolve, develop and create to get where we are.

Dialogue today must be our only weapon. We are living in a world where there are 7.4 billion people, and that not everyone can have a phone or computer. Let’s face it, the world has no capacity to do so, and we are destroying the planet more than building (planting). Our politicians do not communicate and do not try to work together, they only think to compete (competition is not ruin it, and does not require the death of one for a medal), and when some do not compete they steal, and when they steal use their political immunity to get rid of crimes committed. This is the political reality. 

The French evolution ideas are inspired people and built great ideas upon their 18th century political experiences when their absolutist kings were just as are our politicians are today — dictators, individualists, who use politics to benefit economically. We’re just missing the citizens who woke up to cut off the head of these politicians who think they are Marie Antoinette.

Text by 

 Angelica Ferrer

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