Angelica Ferrer

Angelica is Brazilian and Spanish, graduating in Law in Brazil and History of Art in Spain. She currently lives in Manhattan, and co-founded a company in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and sports technology. In addition, she is a correspondent for a TV station in Spain, appearing in many interviews.!The-CroMagnon-Society-Man-/c193z/43D71945-942E-4A69-B527-D1B823427C87

The Consul General of Spain in the USA appointed Angelica as the Ambassador for Spain as it relates to #marcaespaña, #brandspain in New York City. She serves as the Chief Editor for the “Style of Life” online magazine (, and writes for online magazines in Brasilia, London, and Spain. The “Style of Life” also features her magazine articles, television interviews, and videos. She made a pilot for a lifestyle TV show called “This Is Your World” for Tg7 in Granada Spain.

This past year Angelica is part of NASA and ESA’s social media outreach team. All of this can be seen on her Twitter account: Of particular interest, Angelica was one of 25 social media journalists to see the SpaceX rocket explode.

The Queen and King of Spain sponsored an exclusive Ambassadorial function in Washington, DC for people who have represented Spain and the culture in the USA. Angelica was invited to talk about her company and experiences at NASA.

She is a photographer and a skier. She has traveled around the world since she was young, and has studied astronomy and Latin language. Angelica is also a philanthropic person in Brasilia and Granada, and is starting a project for the homeless in New York City.

Carpe Diem, Carpe Vita!

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