Street Fashion!

I really like this dress, it is chic and fashionable, showing my skin all over my body🏻

My hair today is a little different , I’m like Lady Gaga, I love the Lady Gaga Hair , 🏻🏼

You can send me all my  bills to pay at this address🏻

I’m a serious Girl, I’ m Nice too, and I don’t like to talk with everyone… #SorryNotSorry, Don’t Talk , Alora! 🏻

Please a chocolate milk with chantilly 🏻

I’m só chic and a simple Girl, I love my Prada glasses.


Love that cat  behind me…


My street Style is with this amazing dress frim london, make me very skin with yor super belt around my waist


I feel like in China 🏻 瑴瀺⼯杩 Ni hao 🏻  I cannot wait to go to China, that great country with a great wall is a fantastic story… 🏻🏻

My bag is from Kate Spade New York, very modern and trendy…

Please take my pictures from there… (Maybe I didn’t say “please”!)


No make up, sometimes when I have glasses on I don’t wear make up, hehehe …

Sometimes I like to pray for Santa Baby…  There’s one thing I really do need, the deed to a platinum mine… Santa Cutie, hurry down the chimney tonight 🏻 Amen!

Love my pink hair, the combination goes very well wiht this dress and my precious stone earrings…


Have a Nice day friends, I hope you enjoyed my pictures, I love to take pictures 🏻

Angelica wearing Selfie Portrait dress, Armani shoes, Prada Glasses and Kate Spade handbag.

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