The Power of Fashion, Andres Sarda!

When one thinks about lingerie in the USA surely the Victoria’s Secret brand comes to mind. If, however, you are in Europe – like in Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, or Milan – another name would come to mind: Andres Sarda. Andres Sarda is not just a popular brand in Europe and cities around the world for lingerie and swimwear in Europe and elsewhere, but represents the style of the independent women and their emphasizes their beauty and femininity. The lingerie of Andres Sarda is not just lingerie, but are creations with exotic fabrics of the highest quality and exemplary comfort.   The luxury Andres Sarda, a lot personality of the woman

The history of Andres Sarda and his family is an one amazing about the creation of artistic clothes and a successful business. The man himself is a pioneer in textile engineering that has made possible all of the interesting fabrics used by the entire industry. In 1962 he, as a textile engineer, started a company to manufacture women’s underwear in Barcelona with an almost scientific perspective – to create underwear that supports and accommodates women functionally regardless of aesthetics.  Modernity and extravagance represent the brand Andres Sarda 

This is an interesting idea looked at in our world today, where a premium is placed on aesthetics, how something looks, and function and comfort are afterthoughts. With support from his family Andres Sarda was able to build a successful business and began thinking about style in addition to comfort and function. As a result, in 1965 his company began exporting products to France for the first time, and this no doubt was great for marketing and sales given France’s stature in the international fashion world.   Strong personality, defines the brand

The next great step forward for Andres Sarda was establishing himself as an innovator in the technology of fabrics, and became the first person to incorporate Lycra, which everyone today is familiar with, and revolutionized the lingerie industry and the possibilities of garments in general. He continued to innovate, likened to an alchemist in Medieval Europe, and pioneered the use of Teflon, and of course Nylon in lingerie and swimwear. Just fabulous, the brand show 

He expanded creatively in 1970 with the addition of swimwear to the product lines, and established the brand Andrés Sardá in 1980, where his creations now had his name on them instead of others, such as his French customers Galeries Lafayette and Printemps. This led to a new business challenge, which was to get his products into stores under his name. This was an ambitious project, because it meant building a marketing and sales activity different than before, but the idea was to capture more of the profit that was based upon his creativity.


The designer is just amazing, fantastic creations

The company started to focus on what it would take to become a true luxury brand, and steadfastly held to that vision. During this time period his daughter Nuria started working at the company, learning the different aspects of the business. In 1995 she joined the design activity, and eventually became the head of design for the brand Andres Sarda. She showed through the designs how to dress with personality and style, like Lady Gaga. The designs from Nuria are just fabulous, bringing the feminine aspect of a woman to the forefront. You can see this in various Fashion Weeks around the world, and you can see and feel how enchanting her designs are. Nuria Sarda is now responsible for all the great personality enjoyed by the brand Andres Sarda.


The great responsible for the brand, the fashion designer Nuria Sarda 

In 1996 the company began participating in the regional fashion show Pasarela Gaudí (now known as Barcelona Fashion Week) and in 2000 Pasarela Cibeles in Madrid. At the 2nd Edition of the National Fashion Awards for Spain Andres Sarda was honored with the National Fashion Award for Best Designer in the category of Lifetime Achievement. The award was presented by Soraya Saenz de Santamaría, Vice President of the Government of Spain.  It is not only a brand, it is a dress of power

The brand Andres Sarda continues its successful expansion, and is now available at over 500 stores worldwide. The participation in the Pasarela Cibeles has created relationships that have assisted in outreach to other countries, and in 2012 it took on Mercedes-Benz as a sponsor to assist in marketing Spanish fashion and brands worldwide. This has led to a robust biannual event, and provides the means to start marketing in the USA and other major markets, such as China. Strong personality and femininity, Andres Sarda shows the woman inside you

In 2008 the brand and its operations were sold for 14,000,000 euros to the Belgian group Van de Velde, a longtime maker of women’s undergarments. While manufacturing and other business functions were moved to Belgium, the creative design activity has stayed in Barcelona. As an established luxury brand they are allowed to maintain their creative independence. In general, the core values of creativity, excellence in all aspects of the business, pioneering new materials and techniques, the love of risk taking in design, and the desire to surprise are the main attributes that define the product style at Andres Sarda.  Lady Gaga loves Andres Sarda, the brand that dresses women with personality

Other brands may have greater market share, but precision of shape, exquisite finesse, delicacy of details, focus on comfort, and strong personality define success of the company. With the design center in Barcelona and its effervescent atmosphere as an open-minded city, in addition to the activity and life in its Mediterranean squares and intercultural setting, provide the perfect setting for this long established, successful business.

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Article by Angelica Ferrer

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