A Perspective on Turkey

Hello, my country is Turkey, and I’d like to give you some information about it from the point of view of a native. Many civilizations have passed through the 800,000 square kilometers of Turkey called Anatolia, surrounded by the sea on three sides, and with the name given to the land by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk located there. The country Atatürk founded in secular,social rule of law with the principles of, and the basis of the state prepared and established by his comrades. The Wikipedia pages on the Internet provide more detail on this history. My purpose is to provide you information from a more personal perspective. 

Turkey brings together people from many ethnic groups, and due to state laws has an Islamic religious community consisting of 99% of the population. This has always been controversial, since Turkey’s government is secular, in principle. Much of our culture is from the pre-Islamic Central Asia period. We are a society with harmless superstitious beliefs and Islam is way different than elsewhere. But this does not mean that we have a reactionary Islamist government like others in the Middle East and that perspective as a nation. Some population surveys show that as few as 23% of the people are religious. So the essence of our state is that the modern Republic of Turkey is based on a management model of church and state which are kept separate.

Turkey is divided into 7 geographical regions. These are Marmara, Black Sea, Central Anatolia, Aegean, Mediterranean, Eastern Anatolia and Southeastern Anatolia Region. I live in the city of Muğla, the capitol of the province of Muğla in the Aegean region. Muğla is a cultural-historical center with many natural beauties, containing sensitive historical sites and has a rich geography that greatly impacted culture. Since settlement of the Aegean region it has been an area of great activity at the crossroads of the East and West. No only is the area the origin of Ionian culture, but many of the great cultures of history have had a presence. An area devoted to ancient pagan religious worship centered around a pre-Hellenistic goddess – Leto, the mother of Apollo and Artemis – is a United Nations World Historical Site (UNESCO).


After this general information, let’s talk about our people. Our people are generally hospitable, friendly and those in power are toleranced. This isn’t as bad as many nations. Not bad people, and the rulers are not hereditary, the person retires or dies and a new person is chosen, his relationship to previous rulers dependent on personal and environmental factors.

Every year there are millions of immigrants to our country due to the invasion of the Middle East by America (USA), and even people from Europe and Russia come. So, isn’t that the most obvious indication that the USA didn’t harm our people?

Our country is based on the principles of Western democracy and modernity, but our next-door neighbors are a synthesis between different elements of the Middle East. In some ways harmful, but in some ways a useful interaction. We are a nation with our core hidden from modernity. There are problems in our country, as in every country there are problems. For instance, those who live in Western countries think that Turkey is an Arab State. That’s not true. We are Turks, but we are not Arab. There are separate Nations and cultural values. Some Arabic Muslim cultures are confused with our culture, although it is not as you think – she’s getting a camel or something and don’t wear a Fez.

Still the great majority in our country live a modern Western-style life and consists of millions of people. Although people have different views on life, our own differences that make us who we are, unleashed contrasts.

We have come a long long way to being a modern country, but I never, ever want to wrestle with the darkness of the Middle East. You can’t be there without being affected by the war. You don’t want to live there, and for this reason we are taking measures, because our great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, our founder said, “Peace at home, Peace in the world.”

In Turkey, the social and political terms left and right are similar to other countries, and is dominated by a weighted pattern. The left section, watching politics closer to the West, is dominated by right-wing conservatism in politics. Management has a structure with the shape of parliamentary democracy that is protected by the Constitution. So, it is Republican and we are the best democracy in the world, even though the balance is different in other predominantly Islamic Countries, and it is located in a country with tolerance and democracy.

Our people, in urban and rural life, as in every other country are divided. For those who live in the city, the facilities are located closer than to rural people, but it requires more resources. Depending on the size of the city, the difficulties and problems vary. Usually every big city has similar problems: the crime rate in the city, economic imbalances, and social interactions. In general, things are more positive than before about solutions in changing world conditions, though it is the same with the policy of every major city.

In addition to the very popular cities, the number of tourists is high because of natural, historic, and aesthetic attractions abound in our region and our holiday places. The leading areas on this subject are the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. Countless civilizations thrived here in thousands of years since the beginning of the first civilizations in today’s world. The ancient Greek civilization and the ancient Ionian civilization in the Aegean region, many city-states, and many philosophers in history have emerged and carved their names in history and are known today.

In this aspect our country has a richer historical heritage compared to many other countries. This, I’d say is the accumulation of thousands of years at the crossroads of the East and the West.

In our country there are no nuclear power plants, but two are under construction. There are many different types of electronic power plants in our country: hydroelectric, wind, solar, geothermal, and thermal. Nuclear energy and bombs are dangerous in the world because of the effects of disasters and the smallest error that can arise. Some of our politicians support it, although a majority of the population is against it.

This country has seen three separate military coups. The overall objective of the country is balance, but this works against the principle of secularism that Ataturk founded in his political movement with the goal aimed at achieving political balance. Each negative event has had tragic consequences, and this is not something to be supported. Some of the mistakes were made for the sake of political expediency in order to prevent all this upheaval, so it is hard to term these changes as positive. Religion mixed with politics in a country in the end just complicates social and political issues and control. My personal belief that religion is a tool to control people, and if it gets into the politics and the governance of the country, that country really can’t be talked about as a democracy. Example of this are Egypt and Iran.

Founder and First President of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk sealed a deal with the Allied Powers occupying the country to establish independence. The country continued to struggle with religious authorities more than political negotiations with Western countries, and tried to build the country in the education of the public and the political and social importance given to gender equality, and has always ensured that “peace” has been the goal. The war was unnecessary at times. This leader in the world was regarded as one of the best and most humane commanders and political leaders. Everything in our country we owe it to him before God. 

Of course, from a personal perspective I am a person of faith. But an extreme close-minded man, I’ve never been. A creator, call him “Allah -God” the miracle and the rest I believe. I’ve always liked all kinds of scientific methods of the disclosure and documentation of facts, theories, and experiments. I hate bigots, especially if they’re using it as a tool to intervene in the lives of others, but never when it comes to development and Science. Nowhere in the quagmire of the Middle East religion is the understanding of true Islam. True Islam commands believers to love and peace and learning to question. It’s not killing and intimidation. In the Quran it clearly specifies that it will not be through persuasion and compulsion in religion invites you to listen. 

As I said before, we are not Arab we are Turks and we never were. We have a partnership with religious authority, but when there is a difference of opinion it is different. We are a nation from Central Asian culture and race. Previously and most recently in Turkey, the Turkish culture is formed  out of dozens of Civilizations. We we’re a generation that wants to live by this state to the present day. To the West, away from the darkness of the Near East, and always modern. I like everyone of civilization and human rights. All of us owes our attention to those who did show all the people before us. Cultural and religious differences should not be an obstacle to human interaction. The problem consists of national barriers, but you can argue the validity.

If you want to see and get to know our country please visit, everyone is ready for you with welcome and hospitality. There’s much to tell, but this is not so important and every detail can be found in the encyclopedia. 

Article by Joseph Koray


My full name is Yusuf Koray Çekiç. I live in Turkey, of course, on the Aegean coast in the city of Muğla.

“I am 25 years old. Two years age I got my education in college in Accounting and the other that is still ongoing is History.

In addition, I’m a science and space lover, I am a person who loves research, learning, and general culture.

My most important goal is to develop myself as an intellectual, because participating in any advanced civilization in the global world requires enlightenment.

My hobbies include photography,cinema, music and sports.

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