Visit to the Consul General of Spain

   I had the pleasure of meeting the Consul General  of Spain in Washington, DC. I received invitation to visit for an afternoon at his home with classical music for an informal ambiance, and one of his best friends was also there. We talked about many interesting things, like the Spanish culture that has contributed to some US cities, and the Consul explained the significance of the Spanish Coat of Arms and talked about the origin of symbols. We enjoyed a delicious gazpacho that he taught the lady who takes care of his home how to make. I had not had this dish in a long time and I really enjoyed it. The second course was made with paella rice, and everything was very tasty, and finally dessert with natural berries. He then showed me his house, which had three floors with lots of art, especially paintings and statues, and one old clock purchased at an antique fair in Germany, I really felt as if I were in Europe, specifically in Spain.  This image shows a representation of a woman and a ball, illustrating the starting point of women in the Olympics.

Angelica Ferrer and Enrique Sardas attended a fashion party at a park on the Potomac River in Washington, DC. White clothes contrast with the high temperatures that was causing the heat, and the crowd was was smaller and a led to a casual yet elegant and chic atmosphere for a fashion party.       Enrique wears an elegant beige color linen shirt with a small color contrasting green scarf able to create an elegant, casual classic look. The matching beach-style hat provides the air of elegance, and it seemed to be like one of the islands of the Caribbean at a waterfront party with fruit and beautiful people dressed in white, all very simply luxurious. Angelica wore an open white dress showing her legs as the ancient Goddesses from a Greek temple in Athens, with mirrored white sunglasses that shows the elegance of this color, and contrasts that can be achieved in summer with light colors.            To finish the adventure we ate at of the most coveted place pizza in town, eating vegetarian pizza (Enrique) and salad tomatoes with cheese (Angelica). Many looked at how we were dressed, and decided that when we eat a pizza we have to eat it with elegance, and started laughing.😱😂👏🏻👏🏻 👸🏼👱🏻  

Kisses and Hugs from WashingtonDC.  

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