Universal Studios in Orlando Flórida

 I had the opportunity to visit Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida one afternoon before my flight back to Washington, DC. I felt at home because it reminded me of the movies and cartoons that I watched as a child.     Miss NASA go to Universal Studios          

   The car back to the future.🎥😱 

 Universal Studios has many scenes from movie and TV sets. You should take time to see it all, I was only for there for 4 hours. The Simpsons was my favorite, and Harry Potter. I wish I had seen King Kong and the shark from “Jaws”. It also has a ride and displays from the Transformer movies, which was very exciting. It has a store featuring the Minions, which are my favorite now. The day I was there it rained a lot, and it really kept me from seeing everything I wanted, but I really enjoyed myself. I hope to visit the original Universal Studios in Los Angeles, because that’s where it all started and was so successful that they opened one in Orlando.  

   One of my favorite places, which is reproduced very well in great detail, is the area styled like the sets of the Harry Potter movies. The scenery is realistic and very beautiful, complete with a huge dragon that breathes fire from the mouth, just like the movie. Another scene that showed amazing detail was a robot in a replica of Gringotts Bank, it’s incredible.












   Universal Studios has many restaurants and shops, and it has an entire store which only sells Sponge Bob merchandise, where you seem to be inside a house with lots of Sponge Bob shirts and many other clothes and fun items with him.

    If you go to Florida, do not forget to go see the scenes from their favorite movies and television shows.🎥📺📻 Universal studios 👏🏻👏🏻      ❤️😎 hasta la vista baby 

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