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On June 22 Washington DC, the American capital, became a great beach with Brazilian fashion. This featured well-crafted, modern bikinis that were chic and sexy at the same time for a beautiful and  confident woman.  

D ‘Milikah made a mark representing Brazil here in the United States and did well showing good taste and elegance, all on a pier along the river Potomac in Washington DC.


Janai Ruiz and the fashionista Angelica Ferrer. 

This day could be imagined on a beach in Miami and even in Ipanema in Brazil, live Samba and the good taste of this Brazilian fashionista rooted in the United States, Emily Gonzaga.  Beautiful models.   

Able to recreate a beach and weather fully in the US capitol, Emily Gonzaga thinks that fashion has no boundaries, fashion is to be bold and the place you are able to create, and she did. Surfer’s shorts for men and bikinis embroidered by hand with inspiring colorful fruits and juices, and the make-up was a great choice to make a big move with the weather and bikinis.   The beautiful models paraded with faces like those that came from ancient Greece with symbols of the Greek goddesses similar to India in Brazil, all to celebrate the summer and say that fashion has no boundaries.  

If Michelle Obama was there she would have looked upon this, as their home became, for a day, a beautiful beach with beautiful people and good cheer all around.   


I had the opportunity to interview dear Emily after the show.

“How did you feel after the show, when all you applauded?”

She said, “I felt gratified to know that the work I did, people liked it. That means I’m on the right track, and my work was well received. I worked a lot for this collection and just that people liked it, I feel very happy.”

“Where did you draw inspiration for this collection?”

“The universe of D ‘Milikah is blue and this collection is inspired by the blue aura of life and people. Blue is a power color, and it makes you feel energy. Bluemyway is a collection that was inspired by the energy around me … part of my collections are blue, it inspires me to see how nature and auras of people have energy, and that life is like a mirror that reflects whether you are happy, and you reflect that which is in you do, and what you do is get it back.”

“The makeup was perfect! Who did it and who inspired it?”

“My makeup artist was Rissel Vivian Soliz, she has worked with me a while, and shes is a talent. This new collection we created had a bit of Indian inspiration. I was in Miami attending a parade and I saw something throughly ingenious, so I thought would I put it in my show, and it looked great. Everybody liked it and asked me how did it! I felt happy about it.”

“Will we see more D ‘Milikah in the coming seasons?”

“Yes, I am preparing for the next season. The D ‘Milika line as we is a brand of bikinis, and I made the bikinis in this collection for Spring and Summer seasons, and swimwear and workout clothes for fall and winter. We’ll be doing shows in Miami and other US cities.”

I hope you can share more of the universe D’Milikah.


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