New York in Photos!

 5Th Avenue, Mahanttann New York  The ice rink Rock Feller Center works in the spring for those who like to skate.

It’s amazing how every year is every month New York welcomes tourists.   St. Patrick’s Cathedral, 460 madison Ave,       Time Square, you are great and enlightened but your garbage can be seen from outside the planet, like the Great Wall of China.😜☝🏻️😌       Central Park for tonight.          Helmsley Building Times Square      Helmsley Building        Brooklin Bridge Park Marina. The Brooklyn Bridge   The view from Brooklin to New York City.  Streets in Historic Brooklin    Architecture Brooklin The Cathedral of Brooklin.Brooklin Style   Brooklin Style street   Brooklin  Historic Hauses in Brooklin    New York City, the big Apple 🍎  Maison Laudurée-Madison Avenue.      Big Apple, New York City, the City never sleep.     Empire State Building, 350 fifth Avenue at 34th St,   The plaza hotel     Fruits in Time Square 🍐🍋🌽🌽🍏🍉🍆🍎🍒🍒🍈🍅🍈                   Belasco Theatre.         Patsy’s Italian restaurant.       Times square very crap very thirdy, the city of lights and great opportunities, freedom outlaw,in New York you can all! #somuchfun 🍎❤️         Yellow taxi in New York City.    New York City, the city that never sleeps, money does everything, freedom of everyone above the law, power everything, sin city, New York City I love you.🍎🍎🍎🍎 ❤️   

Hasta lá vista.

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