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Land of beautiful landscapes and super nice people. Where its inhabitants, Scottish, breathe joy, offering a very different tradition personality and own them and, in some places, differs greatly from the rest of England. This country, which is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, is like a paradise full of meadows and mountains; a place of valleys, rivers and snow through which flows the water and whiskey; a place where the sound of bagpipes and singing is heard, and where the joy of this beautiful people is sprouting in this great country: Scotland.

 Scotland and its history

Surrounded mostly, almost Ocean in the extreme and savage northern England, Scotland has been an interweaving of Saxon and Nordic civilizations. Your precious landscapes represent for Scotland what the facts are for the story, a story that is part of Great Britain and Scottish impose his own personal stamp making this not only a legend, but a story that day reaffirms day.

Formerly known as Caledonia, Scotland was already known and named since before 1707, when England will join to form what is now Great Britain. In Scotland it is already heard from the first century Celts, Romans, Scandinavian, Norse and Saxons, gave life to this beautiful country, which in the fourth century became a Christian.

In the sixteenth century the Reformation is introduced and the tragedy of Mary Stuart conflict with Elizabeth of England, who ordered his beheading arises. Later. England and Scotland were united under the reign of James VI of Scotland (son of Mary Stuart).

History shows some kind of rivalry between Scotland and England. Type “pique” or rancor that has always existed. This already since kings family twice accede to the throne of England. It is of note that the Stuart lost twice the throne at the hands of the rebels English. The first occasion, during the Civil War of 1640; and later, after the Glorious Revolution of 1688.

The story goes on and on, however, struggles; until the seventeenth century, Oliver Cromwell, definitely indicates the predominance of the Union, it is when, in 1707, Scotland and England together to form what is now known as Great Britain.

 Two Jacobite Rebellions, one in 1115 and another in 1145, are easily crushed. It was then that the British outlaw outlaws Cyans the kitts, (the famous short skirts) used by the Scots; Spanish skirts worn on the name “kegs”). Are prohibited. Also bagpipes and many other Scots very own things.

Over time filing her and the situation will improve. The United Kngdom (United Kingdom), consisting of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland: a great country is formed. Now, each with its own history, including that of Scotland.

Today, Scotland is handled independently, with its own government, its own Central Bank, the Bank of ScotIand, and its very own lifestyle. The part of Great Britain has not prevented or barrier to Scotland stand firm and independent.


 Traveling to Scotland

Who want to travel to Scotland, is very simple. All you have to do is get to London or any major city in England and then transship tickets to train to Scotland. There, yes, some flights from Scotland to some European cities, but more comfortable and safe is to make it across England.

If you travel by plane, there are excellent daily flights about 5 or 6 times a day, both at Heathrow Airport in London; or Gatwick Airport, also in London to Edinburgh or from the two major cities of Scotland.


If traveling by train, there are excellent courses in Scotland famous Expreso. There are many daily departures to different parts of the country, including: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Aberdeen and many more. The trains are super comfortable, very fast and fairly inexpensive. Currently, it is implementing a train, whose speed and reaches, in certain sections, between 177 and 225 kilometers per hour. Most trains, both first and second-class leading service bar, cafe, restaurant and much more, including telephone, automatic sliding doors between carriage and wagon, and air conditioning and heating.

 Evoking Scotland

Having lived in England three times, the first time in 1972, the second in 1973 and the last in 1975, I had never been made to travel to Scotland. Looked so close, it seemed so easy bequeath to her, and maybe that’s why, in fact, never tried. Last time, in 1975, when I spent a year studying at Cambridge, I had proposed a way of traveling to Scotland. However, a twist of fate and student days, when one can not always spend what you want, prevented me to know this beautiful place.

Since many people had told me of the beautiful scenery in Scotland. Its people, their villages, their cities. The joy of Scottish hospitality is something much to hear. All this I thought and it was. But to go, I found this and more. Sometimes wished I had gone to Scotland before. But that’s life. Sometimes you lose opportunities because they are so close and so handy that one makes them aside, believing that while the will. So I happened to Scotland. But today, I know her, I can not help but recommend it widely, as I had already told friends from around the world; go, learn, enjoy and live a few days in this beautiful place.

Directions to Scotland

The first thing to do is get to London and there take a plane or Brltish Brltish Caledonian Airways, and in 45 minutes, maximum one hour, will be arriving at Edinburgh Airport. If traveling by train, the Intercity 125, the Aberdonian Express, which will take you from the King’s Cross Station in London, to the very center and heart of Scotland’s capital city Edinburgh.

The luxurious train will take 5 hours through cities such as York and New Castle. You can to make this trip of 856 kilometers either one “pull” or do it in comfortable scales, may decrease either in York, lovely city to be discussed when we get to England, or making a break in New Castle and board the next train to take you to Edinburgh. There are more than 20 daily departures from London King’s Cross to the Scottish capital which would deny the-art Edinburgh Waverly Train Station.

The train ride is beautiful. One is very comfortable and admiring the passage. The trip is fast, because in two hours and will be in York, English city of incredible architecture. A walled city that tells the story of the Earls of York. You can stay here two, three or more hours with the same ticket you bought and then continue their journey to Edinburgh. But when we talk of England, you know that York is to stay more than one day. So I advise you to continue your journey and enjoy the scenery.

You will notice very quickly through the large windows, the landscape begins to change. The picture becomes different. The fields, planting sheep, sheep, cattle. You will appreciate the contrast between the English countryside and soil of Scotland. Both very beautiful and each their own distinctive self.

As I said, this train ride is very comfortable. All trains, even second, carry air conditioning and heating, are carpeted and have automatic sliding doors. They bar, cafe and restaurant. The prices are quite cheap, especially if you buy in advance the full round trip ticket.

Settle into your seat. You will see that these are more comfortable and convenient than first class of a plane either here in Mexico. In addition, this train seats are even wider.

Enjoy the journey. Right from the train a phone call to book a good hotel. Learn about the next stop through internal communication system, which will inform you as if by plane, the exact time of arrival, the points where passes, possible connections and departure times, and the temperature of the city it travels.

 Scotland and its cities

Scotland and Scotland, as the English and Scottish, part of the United Kingdom along with Great Britain. With an area of ​​771.171 square kilometers. Scotland has a territory similar to half the state of Coahuila, here in Mexico, which has 149.982 square kilometers extension. The country borders and is surrounded almost entirely by water. Its boundaries are: north and east, the Atlantic Ocean; east, is the North Sea, and south, bordering England.

Scotland is a beautiful, beautiful country of 5 million 200 thousand inhabitants, approximately. Its territory is divided into three regions: 1) Highlands (The Wings Northern Lands); 2) Lowlands (The Lowlands) and 3) South Highlands (Highlands South). The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh, beautiful city, clean and well delineated 66,000 thousand. Place full of parks, monuments and castles.

Another place is Glasgow, important industrial city of 1: 865,000 inhabitants, great workplace and super friendly and helpful people. Finally, there is Inverness, the tourist capital of the Highlands. Beautiful village and city of 37,000 people, instead of the legend-for many, the famous reality Loch Ness Monster. The “monster” or “animal” Lake Loch Ness.


Edinburgh is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Europe. Known as “The Athens of the North”, this city, the capital of Scotland, hardly let the most impassive and imperturbable visitors can but admire the elleza of this city. And to see that Princess Street and Gardens (Princess Street and its gardens), is something special. Especially if it is contemplated that precious and rnagnífica. night view of Edimburgh Castle (Edinburgh Castle).


The city is located around the castle built in the twelfth century by Edwin, King of Northumbria (Villa of Edwin), becoming, in 1450, in the capital of the Kingdom of Scotland. The city is really beautiful; perhaps one of the few global cultural centers that retain the charm and friendliness of a small town.

Very close to the railway station, the Waverly Train Station, is the National Tourist Office of Scotland, which will provide a great list of “tours” that take you to know the entire city and to other places and corners Scotland.


The first thing to do is, as I mentioned, is the Edinburgh Castle, surrounded by the Wall prohibited. From its battlements and windows you will appreciate called river that bears the name “Forthto Fife”. This river is a type of input or wide inlet that forms the sea off the coast of Scotland. In this case, Edinburgh.

Do not miss the Queen Margaret’s Chapel (Chapel Queen Margaret), the oldest building in Edinburgh, which is located inside the castle walls. Walking to the Palace, pass through the dwelling and medieval chamber called Gladstone’s Land (Land of Gladstone) and Lady Stair’s House (La Casa de Lady Stair), a group of houses or “townhouses” eighteenth century, containing called literary trinity of Scots Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson.

 Other places are the High Kirk of St. Giles with its needle topped by august watermarks and buttresses. Now go to the Nationa Gallery (National Gallery), which contains a vast collection of Old Masters, including Madonna, designed by Rafael. From here, go to the Botanic Gardens (Botanical Gardens). Among them you will find the National Gallery of Modern Art (the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna) .There pieces and works of Henry Moore, Picasso drawings and monthly exhibits are rotated periodically.


When you leave here, go to City Art Center and the Fruitmarket Gallery (Art Center City and Gelería the Fruit Museum). Both places are just around the railway station, taking place in these galleries, excellent exhibitions, modern and traditional: Finally, approach, see and buy something from the Scottish tradition and Edinburgh.

I advise you to go and enter the Scotisch Center and buy a gorgeous sweater. They are of superb quality. Again, this center will find scarves, typical “Scottish” skirts, good whiskey, and a good bagpipe. Buy all “souvenirs” you want and save this or these souvenirs or gifts offered by Scotland.

Stroll around the city. Board a double-decker bus. Walk the Princess Street (Princess Street). Go back to Edinburgh Castle and admire the city from there.

Now go to the Palace of Edinburgh Castle in the heart there is a magnificent display of royal regalia of Scotland: Crown, scepter and sword, as well as other treasures of Scots. The Holyrodhouse (House of the Holy Crucifix) is rich in memories and memories of the turbulent life of Mary of Scots (Mary of Scots).

Edinburgh is a city also for fun. Go to a good restaurant or a “Pub” great atmosphere. Good food, exquisite snacks; a delicious scotch (as they call whiskey). Or try a rich beer. Listen to music, talk to someone, sing, dance and have fun with the joy of Scots (Scots).


Glasgow traces its beginnings in a small church that St. Kentigern (or St Mungo), an apostle of Scots, built in 543. The small town, and for 1178 had turned up to become villa. And for 1636, was already considered a city. Currently, Glasgow is the largest workplace in Scotland. Its almost 2 million inhabitants (1: 855,000 people), are extremely nice and friendly people who invite you to know the city, have fun and ride a good long while.

Tour the city and live with their people. Know the University of Glasgow, House of Studies with 500 years of history, which is nestled on the hill spotting Kelvingrove Park. Its more than 40,000 students make this city one of the most lively and animated all Britain.


The north of Scotland is beautiful. There are several points of interest, including Inverness and Aberdeen. The best known is Inverness. This, for a very special reason. The famous Loch Ness Lake (or simply the “Loch Ness” In Scotland, the word “loc” means “lake” where the mysterious history of the famous account, “Monster Nessie “: The Laguna Ness Monster.

This small town has about 37,00 inhabitants and is beautiful, really. To get here, take the train that will take you directly from Edinburgh to Inverness. The tour is very nice. You will see countless towns and cities that will attract attention, especially Pitlochry. Beautiful city of old buildings that are illuminated at night and give a great and majestic view of the city.

Get to Inverness and feel comfortable. Stay at one of the typical and very good hotels that the city offers. Various: The Colledon House is a mansion of the eighteenth century; The Station Hotel, just off the Train Station; or try one of the many hotels on the shores of beautiful Ness. I would recommend the Palace Hotel, situated in the No. 8 Ness WAIK. The time I was there, I had to fourth in the very corner, spotting from the top of the third floor, an amazing view. In front was just across the street to the river Ness, Cathedral City. Actually a beautiful sight, especially at night, that is all lit up and running and tranquility and serenity of the river is hear.

Inveness is the center and tourist heart of Highlands. City full of tourists who want to experience Scotland and see the world. Visit first the Cawdor Castle (Cawdor Castle), a fortress splendidly preserved where legend has it that Macbeth murdered King Duncan of Denmark.

 Walking in Inverness

Stroll through the typical town. Learn nearby river and creeks. Learn Inverness Castle, a relatively new castle, built on top of the hill, between the años1834 to 1846 and currently occupied by the Court and Administrative Office.

Take the opportunity to do a little shopping and then take a “tour” to take you to the famous Loch Ness, where it has shown incredible Loch Ness Monster.

There is a museum that features detailed studies have been made, especially with movies (false and true), pictures (real and compound), as well as overwhelming evidence of its existence. The exhibition is quite interesting and allows you to rest and relax.

Finally, go to Urquhart Castle (EI Castle Urquhart). The ruins of a castle nestled in a beautiful hill currency the famous Loch Ness. It is said that here at this point that most times there have been occurrences of Famous Monsters.

 Something more about Scotland

Think think Scotland is a typical and different place. A place where the men wear skirts, playing bagpipes and drink good scotch. Indeed, Scotland is that and more.

Scotland is a country that has its very own customs. Food, Drink and joy fill your world. Mixture of bohemian people and working people. Scotland farm economy in a rich agriculture, mining and important products such as wool and coal.

The currency is the Scottish Pound (Scottish pound); or, the British Pound (British pound). Both are of equal value. With the difference that sterling (British Pound) can be used on both sides, both in England and in Scotland; while the Scottish pound (Bank of Scotland), can not be used in England, Scotland only. But if you have pounds of Scotland and England want to change, this can be done without difficulty. Just go to a bank and they will gladly and without charging any commission.

Currently, the January 20, 1987, the date of this writing, the pound sterling and the Scottish pound was trading at $ 1.47 per pound. That is, the pound or Scottish worth more than the dollar. In pesos, moreover, our currency was for the same dates at the rate of 1,413 pesos per pound or Scottish.


Scottish English is spoken, with a very typical of them and quite different from the British or American accent. However, many of them retain the tradition of his own language the scottish very own language from them and which transcribe some differences.

For example, in English “yes” (yes), they say “aye” it says. As the English say “bridge” (bridge), the Scots say “brig”. In English “big” means “great”. For the Scots this means “build”. In English, “cry” means “mourn”, for the Scots this means “call” or “name”. In English, “to do” means “do”, but the Scots say “dae” (do). On-last different words are “siller” (“money”: money), “reid” (“red”: red) and “miter” (“mother” mother).

Visit Scotland

Land of majestic mountains, meadows, lakes and rivers. Place of cheerful people with them very own traditions. Land of freedom for the walker and beauty lovers looking to meet new worlds. New people. Country of bagpipes, skirts and scotch. Country that offers the best and where his people, scots, Scottish, provide for you and Scotland.

 Hope you enjoy

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