Is God an existing reality, or a product of human imagination?


By Angelica Ferrer

I would say that in these weekly writings, we will analyze and try to understand this thought: that in fact we will not discuss anything because there is nothing to be discussed. When man comes to talking about God it is like the blind being able to describe colors, the blind can not say anything about it because they have no data on colors. They can affirm or deny what comes to mind, but all resemblance to the reality is pure coincidence.

There is no argument that attests to the existence of a God, and there is no argument to denied it, so I can say that everyone is free to think what you want about God!

I will not give my opinion on the subject, but I will write some to add to the theme. I will try to take a logical approach to existing findings, and the machine that will offer you a conclusion and thoughts is over your shoulders – “your head”. I’ll give you some information, because only with a lot of reading, knowledge and information will you be able to get results.

The most important thing would be if you don’t have any fear of pursuing something contrary to general opinion, because even the general opinion and common sense varies from culture and customs, countries and information. We then ask: “Where is the truth?”

This is your challenge – to find, unscramble the data and draw your own conclusions. Do not be afraid to be different, and as Erich Fromm said, do not be afraid to be free!

Therefore, in these weekly writings I will provide information and hope you have questions, and that with the information you have in your brain that you are able to answer more logical questions in your arguments.

Throughout history man has always believed in God – it is very rare to find any atheist people. It is like the figure of God is recorded in our existence, it is as if the existence of God were united to the human being. This could be an explanation that God exists, since all people believe in it one way or another. Maybe this is innate in human nature, could it be a lie if something is totally widespread in humanity!

Many things that everyone believed were a lie. A lie not only lack of information! For example, in ancient times, it was claimed that the earth was flat and ended in Hispania, exactly Finisterre (meaning end of the earth) and throughout the Roman Empire no one had any doubt about it! Christianity believed in the devil for centuries, and now there are serious doubts about its existence. The Earth was the center of the universe and that was a general and indisputable truth until proved otherwise. With this I mean that the fact that something is believed in general does not mean it is true.

But there are other explanations for the widespread belief of a God, if God does not exist. Human nature might create it because it has vital need for it. Why? For different reasons, consider the two most important ones.

First: consider the animal aspect of humans. There is a survival instinct written in our genes, without it death would be so widespread that it would extinguish any kind of creature, so the animals have fears. One example is fear of heights, falling is a danger, others are afraid of predators, darkness, water, and so on. … but once the danger is over, the fear is over. If I try to throw a cat out the window it will grab my arm with its nails and will be terrified, but I doubt that when it is quiet in the room it thinks of the end of its existence. Humans, with a highly developed brain, know that we will die, but don’t think about it briefly, we are aware of our inevitable aging and death. We know that we are not eternal and it terrifies us, consciously or unconsciously, and we refuse to accept the end of our existence. So we want to perpetuate after death, and we cling to the idea that after death we continue to exist. For that we need an immortal soul and a God that leads to eternity, as mentioned. Almost all human cultures believed in a God, a God who allows us to perpetuate after death and there is no religion in the present or in the past that does not justify our perpetual eternity, they all offer us a life after death.

So if God does not exist man would have created it, and it is the animal survival instinct from a highly developed intelligence. The question that never goes away: does God really exists or is just the result of our need to perpetuate and for not knowing how to accept death?

Another argument that makes us be faithful, since the dawn of humanity, is when man tries to explain nature and to understand the world. Initially there were many incomprehensible things to the human mind: lightning, rain, earthquakes etc. Man had no explanation and explained everything in the same way – God created it, and this alone was a proof of God’s existence and power. But science has developed and can explain all these things, and the idea of divine intervention and creation has become outdated.

How do things stand today? What explains science today? Well, like it or not, the current thinking follows.

There is a theory about the creation of the universe called the Big Bang. We do not know how it all started, but now (after the Big Bang) there is a scientific explanation of how the universe exists, what is life, how the Earth was formed, and so on … Everything is explained and the general principles of reality are clear.

The existence of God is not at all obvious, and as more things are explained, the less the need for God to understand the world. Of course there is still the question: “How didbthe Big Bang start?” This is still unanswered, but to answer that by saying that whoever created it was an omnipotent individual who has the power to create everything is very similar to the explanation when you observe lightning and say, God sent it with His powerful arm. So we already have an answer. For the origin of the Big Bang there are other possible explanations, besides the one about a being that can do everything and created everything from nothing.!God-is-an-existing-reality-or-a-product-of-human-imagination/c193z/46705C83-7DA8-4731-99ED-C622D38F7A3E

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