Germany opens its first market without packaging

After a day of shopping in a traditional supermarket in Berlin, her friends Sara Wolf and Milena Glimbovski felt uncomfortable. The immense amount of packaging used unnecessarily brought about a promising idea: create a supermarket where nothing is packed.

It worked. The partners recently inaugurated the first unit of the “Original Unverpackt”, a place where customers can choose bulk products, according to your need and without the use of disposable packaging.


On site, each can bring their own bottles, reusable bags, baskets, bags or any container you want to use to store your purchases. The supermarket also sells options returnable packaging for the unprepared customers.


In addition to greatly reduce the amount of waste plastic, a store this format also ultimately decrease the amount of food waste. It is common in traditional supermarkets fruits and vegetables are sold in sealed packages with more than one unit. Not always the customer really needs all that, and part of the food is thrown away.

Original Unverpackt_katharinaMassmann_Foto1

The partners explain that those who do buy the Original Unverpackt can purchase peas, oil, flour, soap, pasta, fruit, vegetables and much more in the desired exact amount. According to them, the concept behind it is directly linked to “reduce” the 3 R’s, which must always precede recycling. Better than reuse something already made is not need to use it.


The partners have transformed their business model into a franchise. The aim is to disseminate the supermarket without packaging in other German cities.


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