Inspired Home Interiors Around the World

The decor of a home can tell a lot from you, is similar to what happens when choosing an outfit! Clothing and decor has much more in common than we can imagine.

Let’s see some decorations that can inspire you to decorate your home!


The first is my favorite, has lots of style and class, but can also become a bit flashy and quite confusing, have much information on the walls and floor, Chinese black bookcase in the background, not long game but okay, the room is beautiful and leads us to Paris last, almost of Marie Antoinette !


Second photo, wow! Loved. A wonderful decoration and combination. The white and green with this tree leaves, which I believe is a lie, is wonderful and very innovative. The bed is preferred here in the US, is quite large and high, and sometimes it is surrounded by curtains, like those hotel beds of French Polynesia that are on the seafront, chic nor? Sleep and think that we are in French Polynesia in the middle of the sand and the sea waters with cristalina.Ariba


I loved the room with a little inspiration hippie with a wooden house style, is not classic, is not chic, but it is fun and engaging, this room is in Salvador da Bahia in Brazil. Viva la samba, viva la salsa.


This picture looks like a painting, but is not! This room with inspiration in the homes of the last century, was very chic fashion and use wall paper roses. This room is in the United States in New Orleans, with floral inspiration and curtains around the bed and wooden floor, this decoration is a wonderful game for a beautiful vintage home decor. Is not more common that style in the United States, but you still can find.🇺🇸


This bathroom Greek Island of Crete, is simple and very inspiring, the mirror in front of the tub and the picture that looks like a high-portrait, small details make you imagine that Greece and its islands has many secrets to be revealed on holiday and especially in summer, so when you’re in Greece, find that bathroom as authentic will be almost a game of treasure hunting! Aristotle would love this tub . 😺


The dining room of King Arthur? It is in this area Turkey, Ankara! This simply decorated with a touch of English charm, invites us to a dinner at a table not so round, but with style in wood handmade and a good open wine with sword! If King Arthur did not get to go to Ankara in Turkey, it may be that his sword yes! ✨👯


This room can only be even an artist! The decoration of the walls with modern paintings and portraits high, This area is in Berlin, Germans have a very great sense of culture and especially with music, so this old record player makes a perfect match with sofas and carpet … Not to mention the so vivid colors of these flowers on the table. 🇩🇪 ✨👏👌goeie taste!


Unbelievable the amount of porcelain dishes that have this wall of the dining room of a restaurant in Paris. The tablecloth is embroidered with a wonderful working velvet will hand to match the white of almost any room. The dishes are all porcelain hand painted each with different colors and sizes roses. Paris will always Paris


And last another living in France in the city of Carcassonne. Small, simple but very representative, the pictures on the wall seems history, whether private or public, the hosts guard and makes respect for the memories of the past. Books to read or guides with photos are a beautiful combination for this room. A special room and stylish, well it combines the colors of the sofa and carpet.

Goodbye 🇫🇷

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